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#Music, My Muse: part 5, the finale by Toi Thomas #OurAuthorGang

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So, today, in part 5, the finale, of the Music My Muse series, I’ll be sharing some brief thoughts on musical scores and settings. (see part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 here).

While it’s quite possible that not many remember, or ever even knew (I’m guilty), the names of the songs that made up some of the most iconic musical scores in history, the impact of these works is no less important or legendary. When people hear “Also sprach Zarathustra” they automatically think of monoliths, deep space, and killer A.I., aka 2001 Space Odyssey. When people hear “Speak Softly, Love” they imagine large Italian American families, mobsters, and a horse’s head, aka The Godfather.

I think there is a musical score out there for every imaginable setting if you’re willing and open to it. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t have to be a score. There are popular songs that can also help shape the setting or world you’re creating, if you know where to look.

While I admit that my Legend of the Boy story isn’t nearly as sweet, the score for E.T. helped me when I was trying to develop an adult-driven sci-fi world where a boy could save or destroy it. To this day, I haven’t been able to figure out why a good slow waltz helped me carve out the settings for my It’s Like the Full Moon book, but it is what it is. There are so many songs and scores that have helped me develop the world of Eternal Curse that I can’t begin to mention them all now.

Even outside of my writing, I find the right score can set the mood in my life. Sometimes when I’m sad, and it’s a time when it’s okay to be sad and express those feelings, I find myself listening to "La Boheme". When I’m trying to hype myself up, when I’m trying to get into the right mindset to do something a little crazy that might be fun, but could totally end up badly, the Rocky theme usually works. And when I’m preparing a meal for a friend for the first time, I find Disney tunes keep me in high spirits as I toil to delight. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on music and writing and hope that you’ve maybe found some inspiration along the way.

Good music, creative writing, and happy reading.

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