Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Book signings...to do or not to do...that is the question #OurAuthorGang

I'm a planner...parties, holidays, book events/signings...you name it, I've planned it. I hosted two successful events for authors at our local winery.


It wasn't without issues, drama, questions...which brings me to my question...

           Book signings or not?

I've attended many events in my four short years as an author...events hosted in malls, private residences, wineries, and outdoor faires...all with little to no sales.

I spend 30 minutes setting up my 8 ft. table with a copy of every book, swag, decorations, and anything I can think of that will draw readers. I engage in conversation, and do all but push/pull them to my table.  The fact remains, if they don't know who you are, they are likely not spending money finding out.

The one success I've found is authenticity. Being my authentic self, truly engaging with the people who stop by to "check out" my table, has been crucial to book sales. If I am sincerely interested in those who stop by and visit, they begin asking questions about my books and usually leave with at least one book, if not more.

Do I want to be a best selling author? Do I want to make money doing what I love? The answer to both questions is yes! However, I'm also realistic...wealth and recognition doesn't happen overnight, unless you are Oprah or Martha. I'm not into buying reviews or giving my books away with the hopes the recipient will review it, driving up my algorhythms on Amazon.

Two truths remain...I love writing and I love telling stories. So, as long as I can type, my stories will continue!

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