Friday, September 7, 2018

Disney's "Atlantis: The Lost Empire."

Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire  

A short movie review by Joe Bonadonna

Once again I found myself watching a movie that I'd missed the first time around: Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire. This is not only a wonderful animated movie, it's an excellent film. Period. Rarely does Hollywood create anything this exciting, this imaginative. And I especially liked the "old-school" Disney style of animation — very reminiscent of their 1960s period; it even had a touch of the 1950s avant-garde look of Warner Bros' animation. This is good, old-fashioned science-fantasy adventure at its finest: a touch of Jules Verne, set in a world I think Edgar Rice Burroughs would have approved of. I must also mention the cast, because they're to be commended for bringing the characters to life. To name a few: Michael J. Fox, Phil Morris, Don (Father Guido Sarducci) Novello, Leonard Nimoy, Florence Stanley (from the TV comedy "Night Court"), David Ogden-Stiers (from M*A*S*H), John ("Frasier") Mahoney, and the always superb James Garner (whose death scene was very cool!) The addition of power crystals — metaphysical healing crystals — was a nice touch, too. 
The story-telling of Atlantis: The Lost Empire, the drama, the humor, the emotion, the Atlanteans and their city and culture, the action — all spot on. The craftsmanship and imagination put into this film were true labors of love. I was also quite impressed by the "vessels" in the film, most especially the "fishships" (with malt vinegar?) Or should we call them "fishcraft? (You can get burned at the stake for that!) This is pure, quality entertainment the whole family can enjoy. And the best thing about the whole film is that the geek is the hero, and he wins the love of the beautiful Atlantean princess! Thanks for reading!