Friday, May 18, 2018

In the Hot Seat: Dorgo the Dowser

A Q&A Session with Dorgo the Dowser

Joe Bonadonna 
Artwork by Erika M. Szabo

The star of my heroic fantasy novels Mad Shadows: The Weird Tales of Dorgo the Dowser, and Mad Shadows II: Dorgo the Dowser and the Order of the Serpent, agreed to set aside some time from his extended vacation in the tropics to answer a few questions.

Thanks so much for agreeing to this interview. Firstly, could you introduce yourself?

My name is Dorgo Mikawber. I was raised in Sahn Pirro’s Orphanage in Naldra, a city in the kingdom of Dasheeria, but ran away when I was fifteen to become a mercenary.

How did you come by the sobriquet of “The Dowser?”

Many years ago I rescued from slavery the daughter of a Yongarloo shaman. In return he gave me a most unusual dowsing rod, which can detect the ectoplasmic residue of any supernatural presence or demonic entity and sense the vestiges of black magic used in the commission of crimes. Investigating and solving such crimes is my business.

Do you live in a city or small town?

I now live in Valdar, the capitol city of the kingdom of Rojahndria. It’s a city of swordslingers and necromancers, witch cults, half-human races, black magic and creatures of the night. It’s a dark and dangerous city, but I call it home.

Cover by David M. Stanley

Describe your perfect day.

Drinking, eating, gambling and chasing women in Kortono’s tavern. But such a perfect day is highly unlikely because a lot can happen in Valdar in just one day, and usually does.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

My dowsing rod. It’s a sentient tool that has a psychic bond with me. I become seriously ill when parted from it for any length of time.

What makes you angry?

Racists, people who take advantage of others, human predators who prey on the weak and helpless, and those who follow the Dark Light of Odylic Power and practice black magic.

Do you see yourself as a hero? Or as someone just doing his job, doing what’s right?

I don’t consider myself a hero at all. I’m somewhat of a rogue, with a talent for solving certain types of crimes, thanks to my dowsing rod. That’s my job, and I always try to do what’s right by those who hire me, by those who need my help.

Cover by Erika M. Szabo

Do you think you’d make a good supporting character? Why?

I sometimes feel that I am a supporting player on the world’s stage. The main players are often the people who hire me to help them, or the villains who mean them harm. The stories are really about them, and I’m the one who enters the scene and sees to it that all’s well that ends well.

Describe yourself in three words.

Loyal. Loveable. Tenacious.

Do you feel like you have a handle on your destiny or do you and your author constantly argue over it?

Each of us has a destiny to fulfill, whether we realize it or not: sometimes we’re in control, sometimes we’re not. Sometimes I go where I’m needed; sometimes I just go wherever the wind takes me. Regarding this so-called author you mentioned . . . I’m the one who tells him what to write about!  

Well then, on that note . . . thank you, Dorgo Mikawber.

Folks call me the Dowser, mate.

Mad Shadows: The Weird Tales of Dorgo the Dowser

Mad Shadows II: Dorgo the Dowser and the Order of the Serpent

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