Saturday, August 19, 2017

My Mom Dressed Me Funny #OurAuthorGang


Joe Bonadonna

Parents. It never ceases to amaze me what sort of fashion sense they have when it comes to dressing their kids. I’m a child of the 1950s, and the clothes my Mom bought for me were considered the height of kids’ fashion. Really? No one asked my opinion on the matter. Certainly my parents didn't first consult with me on the issue. Starting with kindergarten and then all the way through to 8th grade (or junior high, as so many people call it) I attended Catholic school. We had strict dress codes that had to be obeyed. But then I attended public high school, where there was pretty much no dress code. For us Greasers back in 1960s Chicago, we usually wore gray, blue or green “baggies,” which were Big Yank work pants of 100% cotton, with mid-calf length, black combat boots from circa WWII, followed by “Dago” T-shirts, sometimes a black button-down sweater, and a leather jacket. 

And then, starting around 1967, everything changed. No more dressing up, no more Greaser clothes . . . everything replaced by jeans, tie-dyed or Paisley T-shirts, sneakers, gym shoes, some kind of boots, sandals or even bare feet. 

 (That's me, lower left-hand corner, circa 1967)

(Fuzzy me, 1970, wearing a brown and white flannel shirt. Yeah, I was Grunge before Grunge was cool!)
But this . . . this was just way too much!


And this is the reason I hate to dress up to this very day. 

Because my Mom dressed me funny when I was a kid. 

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Thank you! Stay sane . . . and dress any way you want to dress!