Rick Haynes

I am an author of heroic fantasy and an award-winning Drabblist.
This is my world.
Ever upwards, never stopping, the staircase to the heavens awaits all those wishing to dream. 
And all you have to do is place one foot on the first step. 
Consider the endless possibilities, as you climb higher and higher.
Boredom is unknown in my time and space, for can you not see the stars sparkling bright, ready to enlighten you? 
Is your mind ready to absorb the endless possibilities of a million words? 
And are you ready to join me on a magical journey? 
I will embrace you with open arms.
And welcome you into the realm of my imagination.

My Books

Heroic fantasy

If you like David Gemmell and Game of Thrones, you’ll love what goes on in Evil Never Dies.
Here’s what reviewers have posted.
‘In style, it's very reminiscent of David Gemmel with an easy to slip into world and plenty of excitement, balanced with some reflection.’
‘Haynes has also created a world of good and evil, darkness and light and is very Gemmell-like in the way it functions, there is no grey here, we, as the reader, know whose side we are on.’
‘Readers of David Gemmell’s works will really enjoy this novel, the flow of action and story is very similar and does not stop to take a breath. The pace is frenetic and leads the reader to more battles and action fuelled scenes.’

Heroic fantasy

If you like David Gemmell and Game of Thrones, you’ll really love, Heroes Never Fade, the follow up to Evil Never Dies.
Take a look at this from an Amazon top 500 reviewer.
‘I may be shot down by some of the great David Gemmell's fans, but many times Heroes Never Fade reminded me of him as you can feel the influence. Though Mr Haynes has his own style, I hasten to add.’
‘In my humble opinion, Rick Haynes is a fantastic epic fantasy writer (pun intended). It is not easy to create new worlds, new plots without encroaching on the established big names like JRR Tolkien, Gemmell and Brooks.’
And read this from another reviewer.
‘Prepare for a nerve-tingling ride through a fantasy world of medieval warfare, a world that springs to life under the skilled pen of an author who has thoroughly researched his subject. The characters are full-blooded, their relationships to each other clearly drawn. The warriors leap off the page, wielding their weapons with skill and courage as their battle of right against might is mirrored by a power struggle between their gods.’ 

Humorous fiction

 The people of Crete can be abrupt, shout loudly and gesticulate wildly but you simply need to look beyond their mannerisms, for you will find a race ready to oblige, are polite, honest and their excellent cooking is probably the most underrated in the world. The local grapes are used to make excellent white wines, and with few additives, it’s a little difficult to incur a nasty hangover the next morning, unless you imbibe a few too many glasses of the local fire - water, known locally as Raki. My observations have been based on everything from the unbelievable to the unimaginable, thus my crazy tales needed a crazy name. The alliteration in the title seemed apt for this collection, as it is indeed, a selection box of bite-sized treats. Everyone has a tale to tell. So sit back, put your feet up, open your box of chocolates and nibble away.