Rich Feitelberg

Rich Feitelberg is a poet and novelist, author of the fantasy series, the Aglaril Cycle. He also has four short story collections and a collection of poetry available at fine booksellers everywhere. 

Rich is an avid map collector, and student of popular culture. Going up on a steady diet of comic books, science fiction, and fairy tales of all kinds, Rich soon began weaving his own tales at a young age. These activities continue to this day, as Rich is working on the next installment of the Aglaril Cycle, and writing more poems and short stories for your enjoyment.

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Aure the Topaz, Book 1 of the Aglaril Cycle

Twenty-five years ago, invaders captured Andropolis, the capital of Thalacia, and ended the rule of King Leonard. According to prophecy, the invaders can be ousted and the royal line restored only by wielding the Aglaril, seven elven gems of unprecedented power. 

However, the circlet in which the gems were set was destroyed millennia ago and the gems lost. At least, that was the common belief. Evan Pierce, a priest of St. Michael, discovers one of the gems belongs to the town jeweler. He also uncovers a plot to steal the gem and does what he can to keep it safe. But it is not enough. 

Now, Evan must recover the gem by relying on a motley group of adventurers for help. Together, they must overcome a series of obstacles or humanity's one hope for restoring the royal line will be lost forever.

Vorn the Onyx, Book 2 of the Aglaril Cycle

Evan Pierce, a demon hunter and priest of St. Michael, must match wits with the witch of Martingis when she abducts four orphan girls and attempts a fifth. The witch has been terrorizing the locals for months. Evan, who is on his way to Wrightwood, talks to the town manager about the situation and he charges Evan to rescue the orphans and break the witch’s hold on the town. 

Events become bleak when an orphan boy is murdered and the fifth girl is finally taken. Evan and his companions must now find the missing girls and free the town from the clutches of the witch before she can complete her evil scheme.

Telep the Diamond, Book 3 of the Aglaril Cycle

While traveling to Ravenhurst, Sir Ahlan, a Michaeline knight, and his companions encounter a woman, Nancy, who has been beset upon by brigands. Ahlan comes to Nancy’s aid, driving off the thieves, and escorts her to town.

She claims to be a sword master for the Duke of Argentos, who lives in the castle outside of Ravenhurst, but the story Nancy tells of how she got separated from her companions and attacked by bandits raises many questions about her. Ultimately, Ahlan suspects Nancy of being a spy and plans to expose her in open court. But unbeknownst to the knight, their fates are intertwined and she is critical in retrieving the next Aglari.

Calen the Emerald, Book 4 of the Aglaril Cycle

Sir Ahlan and his companions discover a troop of dead gnomes. A message found among them identifies the deceased party as couriers carrying a map that leads to the next Aglari. The gnomes appear to have been killed by wolves until Brashani finds an arrowhead in the ground. 

Realizing bandits are involved, Ahlan considers tracking them but dismisses the idea as impractical. It is only after Nancy and Iriel fail to return to camp, while collecting firewood, that the knight is forced to pursue the thieves, unlocking an adventure through the Gods' Home forest-and a nearby swamp in a race to the magic gem.

Luin the Sapphire, Book 5 of the Aglaril Cycle

Evan Pierce, priest of St. Michael, and now Baron of Pennarth, must fight a group of necromancers, who have taken over the barony. With him are only a few friends from his religious order. Together, they must reestablish the castle guard, repair the castle defenses, and rebuild the nearby town of Irenrhod, if they have any hope of succeeding.

But the dark mages, using the local guild of thieves, intimidate any who questions their authority. More stubborn people are visited by the mindless, animated servants of the wizards, dead corpses from the grave that can rend stone and flesh, and spread terror into the hearts and minds of everyone.
How his opponents got so powerful that they can create a horde of zombies is a mystery to Evan. The Michaeline priest must discover the power source of the dark wizards and defeat them before the zombies destroy Pennarth and everyone in town is murdered.

Magic and Melee

A collection of fantasy short stories by Rich Feitelberg, author of the Aglaril Cycle. Included in the book are stories about the last dragon in Thalacia, the trickster wind spirit and the magic horn that he possess, the training of Sir Ambrose and Shard, the half-orc, what happens when someone is given a second chance to correct the mistakes of his past, and more. 

Strange Stories

A collection of bizarre short stories from the mind of Rich Feitelberg, author of the Aglaril Cycle. Included in this collection are:
  • The Pen, Randy finds a magic pen and with it achieves the writing success he craves. His wife, Darlene, is not pleased. How will she respond once writing deadlines start taking priority over her?
  • The Wayward, Ramon gains the abilitiy to see lost souls caught between life and death only to have them attack him. Ramon fights back and discovers a way to affect these non-corporeal beings. Can he enact his plan before it is too late?
  • Pairings, A lonely old man meets a young female street performer who can take away his away his feelings of isolation. She invites him to go with her into a nearby tent. Does he go to experience a type of closeness he has never felt before or does he remain alone and apart from everyone?
  • Secluded Place, Remy seeks to reclaim his childhood prior to getting married. Does he suffer from cold feet or does something else draw him to his favorite boyhood retreat?
  • The Box, A mysterious box appears in Bill and Jack's apartment. Neither man knows where it came from, only that it grants wishes. Can the box be used safely or does it curse all who possess it?
  • Glorious Food, Regina can't stop eating and has no luck controlling her appetite. After consulting her doctor, she agrees to surgery. The procedure works except for one little side effect...
  • Even Ghosts Can Die, Dan, a victim of a car accident, becomes a ghost and seeks a way to get to Heaven. He travels the world looking for an answer. Does he find one or is he condemned to live forever between life and death?
  • The Thing at the Top of the World: A group of men attempt to reach the North Pole despite the strange tales told by the local Inuit. Do they reach the summit of the world, backdown, or die trying?
  • Sexual Contracts: A Hollywood agent includes some odd clauses in the contracts of her clients.
  • Getting Even: Stan kills his partner. Is it PTSD or something more sinister?

Space and Speculation

  • Space and Speculation collects several science Fiction short stories. In this volume:
  • Gray’s World -- The Empire encounters a world where their technology doesn’t work. Jonathan Gray wants to study the planet to learn why, but the Empire has other ideas, including war and conquest.
  • Telescopevision -- George Zyberg, an astrophysicist, invents a telescope that lets him see the events on a mirror planet that is several days ahead of our own. Using it he is able to predict events before they happen. But he goes too far and tips off the police about the robbery of the Central Bank. Now a group of gangsters are not too happy with him and plan to settle up with him.
  • Carbon Footprint -- In the effort to combat global warming and greenhouse gases, researchers develop a new form of algae and a synthetic material to grow it on. Months later reports of strange monsters surface. Is there a connection?
  • A Day in Court -- Rhonda is assigned to live on the first Earth colony, Centauri B. She does not want to go. Only a hearing before a magistrate keeps her from leaving her home forever.
  • Tiny Robots -- A salvage mission turns into a first contact operation. Only the aliens are stronger and more advanced than humanity, and soon all Earth colonies are threatened.
  • Return to Gray’s World -- The exploration of the strange alien world QJZ is complete but what has been learned makes no sense. The Empire dismisses this intelligence and moves against it. Will they succeed this time to conquer the world or regret it?

Fables and Fiction

General fiction and fables including: 
  • The Witch and the Farmer -- A farmer steals from a local witch and suffers the consequences.
  • The Monster -- Mother and Father are having their first child; Madame Mercury says it will be a monster and to destroy it. They can’t and must deal with the results.
  • The Karma Fairy -- Russell steals content from the Internet illegally, damaging his karma. He has only one chance, to delete the content and hope he finds the one thing he really wants: true love.
  • English Major -- Rich is struggling in his freshman English class and lies to get through it hoping at last he’ll have proof he doesn’t belong in college. But his lies are convincing and he does not see what consequence they will have.
  • Fairy Dust -- Eugene conceives a plan to collect fairy dust to change the world. However, the fairies who must adhere to this scheme have other ideas.
  • Quantum -- Doug discovers the equation physicists have been longing for; a unified field theory. Only it gives him the Power of God and he can’t control it. Suddenly other universes threaten to invade his own.
  • The Mouse with Cold Feet -- Henry must find a way to live in a house with a man and a hunting cat and still provide food for his wife, who is expecting a litter soon.

Paraphernalia in My Pocket

This poetry collection focuses on several themes including, love, death, nature, emotions, and relationships. There are also poems that do not fit any category, such as poems on being middle aged, and observations about life.