Thursday, July 20, 2017

Gaining Exposure Through Book Awards #OurAuthorGang

How To Gain Exposure Through Book Awards

By Mackenzie Flohr

One of the ways you can help your book get more exposure is through book award contests. These contests help get your materials out to people who may have never known about you or your book, and can ultimately lead to a frenzy of media exposure.

It gives your book a new sense of creditability. For example, it may perk a reader's interest, who otherwise would have skipped over your book due to you being an unknown, enough to give your book a try.

This can lead to more sales and even bestseller status. And, if you end up one of the winners, it can also lead towards finding agents, publishers, movie/television offers, as well as help convince book sellers to carry your book in their store(s).

What To Watch Out For:

Before applying, make sure to do your research. While it may seem like entering multiple contests is a great idea, you want to make sure these are:
  1. Not one where everyone automatically earns a badge/prize because they entered.
  2. Has a high cost to enter.
  3. Is reputable and real. 
For example, my first book award contest, which shall be nameless, was a contest where the winner was supposed to be announced at a conference.
To this day, I still don't know who won. There were no badges, no announcements of runner ups, nor any congratulations mentioned on any of this site's social media platforms. It was as if this contest never existed. (Maybe it really didn't).

Contests The Rite of Wands Currently Appears In:

Some of the contests I'm excited to be participating this year include: 
  • Golden Quill Awards (I'm a semifinalist)
  • 2017 Summer Indie Awards
  • Reality Bites Magazine 2017 Book Awards
What Are Some Good Contests To Enter:

According to Scott Lorenz, President of the PR and marketing firm, Westwind Communications, some of the top book awards contests in 2017 for indie authors include: 
  • The National Book Critics Circle Awards
  • Indies Choice Book Awards
  • The National Indie Excellence Book Awards
  • IndieFab Awards

Where to get your copy of The Rite of Wands signed next:

(Left to right: Carol Ochadleus, Mackenzie Flohr at Fenton Open Book)

Mackenzie will be taking a hiatus from #OurAuthorGang blog for the next couple weeks as she travels to Rust City Book Con (Troy, MI) , Once Upon A Book Con (Frankenmuth, MI) , Swartz Creek Art Fair (Swartz Creek, MI) and Kerrytown Book Feast (Ann Arbor, MI) to sign copies of The Rite of Wands.  

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